What do energy consultants do?

Energy consultants are experts in the energy industry who help businesses get the most cost-effective or desirable deal on their utility costs. They do this through tendering energy contracts to as many utilities feasible for your energy supply.

Do I need to change supplier?

Not always. Switching supplier isn’t always the right thing. After an initial tender we will understand the most beneficial price and service for your business. In some cases, this could be from your existing supplier. However, it may be a new tariff from your existing supplier on a better rate. Most businesses aren’t getting the best deal for their energy and taking the time to see what else is out there isn’t often a high priority. Checking the market and pushing your current supplier is always a good idea.

Why should I choose you?

We’ve been doing this for a while now. Over ten years to be precise. Our combined 58 years energy experience gives us the added advantage of being able to see the pitfalls when it comes to utilities. We have strong supplier relationships and deal with every reputable energy supplier out there and not just the ‘big six’. We can advise you of the right time to renew or switch your deal through our understanding of the energy market. Our team are on hand through the whole journey, whether it’s a billing issue or general query we get things done. There’s no obligation to proceed with any of the contracts that we find you, we just hope you’ll give us a shot.

What do you need from me?

To begin with we would need to see a copy of your utility bills so we can get an idea of your meter information. This way, we know what angle to go to energy suppliers from, what geographic location you are in, and what type of consumer you are. In some cases, we may require a letter of authority to allow us to liaise with utility companies on your behalf. After this we should be able to present you with a range of options from our suppliers.

How do you get paid?

We use a commission-based model to generate our earnings. Because the energy contracts we find and negotiate are so competitive, the final energy supplier agrees to pay us a modest commission fee without compromising the great deal you receive. There are no additional costs for our services.

How do you set up my contract?

Once you have agreed to proceed with our recommended energy supplier, we will send you a copy of your contract to sign with your new supplier. We’ll then terminating your old contract so we can set up your brand new one. Rest assured you’re in expert hands and we will keep you informed at each stage.

Can I do it myself?

Of course! Although it can take a long time to contact 28+ utility suppliers. We know that you won’t be able to find a better contract than we would or get it for the same price. We have great relationships with energy suppliers and have done for many years. Our understanding of the market means that we truly can protect you from hidden costs.

What do your Account Managers do?

Our Account Managers are your energy experts. They have years of utility industry experience and provide you with the knowledge to protect your company from the hidden pitfalls of the energy sector. They are your point of contact for:

  • Energy Tenders
  • General queries
  • Billing resolution
  • Purchasing advice
  • VAT & CCL claims
  • One point of contact

Which energy suppliers do you work with?

Pretty much all of them. You can be sure that we will provide you with a full market energy tender. We don’t have ‘preferred’ suppliers. Our relationships with our suppliers mean that you’ll receive the best possible deal.

What’s the current rate for gas, electricity and water?

Rates change every day. Ring us on 01709 874506 and we’ll talk you through current prices.

Will I be tied to Energy Observe?

No. The contract you agree is with your chosen energy supplier, not us. We help you get what you need and offer support throughout the contract term. We hope that you’ll find the service meets your needs and you’ll let us renew your utilities year on year with minimal effort.

Need further assistance?

01709 874506