Does it cost anything for me to use Energy Observe to do a cost comparison?

NO – Our service is free to you as the suppliers we use pay us commission directly for each sale we process through them which helps us to maintain our free service.

What information do I need to give you to do a cost comparison?

Electricity: We would require your supply number that is available on our latest statement which looks like this we would also need to know your annual consumption if you want an accurate comparison, finally we would need your contract end date with your current supplier.
Gas: We would require your Meter Point Reference or MPR that again is found on your latest statement, along with this we would also require your contract end date with your current supplier.

What is the process of the price comparison?

After you have provided us with the information above we will:

  • Send your information to our 12 suppliers
  • Receive the quotes back
  • Send you a comparison spreadsheet in cost order
  • Discuss with you which would be the more beneficial to your company
  • Process the details through the chosen supplier
  • Finally manage the supply over to your chosen supplier

We do everything for you so you don’t have to worry.

When I switch supplier will there be any interruption in supply?

NO –it is a seamless transfer the only change will be a different name on your bill.

Why can’t I get a price from you online?

Due to the process we go through it is not possible for us to provide an online price, also prices change quite frequently so to get you a keen price we ask for on the day prices.