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Welcome to Energy Observe, the quick and efficient way to manage your businesses energy bills, with quotations you can trust sourced from all major suppliers to maximize your company savings year on year.


At Energy Observe we offer you a full energy management service whether you are a small or large scale business, handling any bill enquiries and managing supplier switches and contract renewals with discounted energy rates, in an effort to reduce your annual costs. With a combined 19 years of experience in the energy market Energy Observe have account managers with the expertise to make sure you get the very best prices and take advantage of discounted rates from our range of suppliers. We also help the customer decide on when is best to move on a price or hold off and wait for a better time to try and maximize savings and not pressure them into making a move too soon. If you would like to speak with someone in our team please call 0800 1488942.



Finding the best prices from all the major suppliers in the UK can be very time consuming due to most suppliers not offering their best price on your first call to up their margins. So let Energy




Getting a gas quote can be quite confusing for a customer as there are many more aspects in pay to getting the very best price and choosing the best tariff that suits your needs.


Contract Reminder


Many customers have been subject to an automatic contract renewal due to suppliers having many different renewal terms, OFGEM have now introduced a new system that all suppliers have to follow in regards to renewing their customers.

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VAT & CCL refunds


Are you paying the correct VAT & CCL for your type of business, many customers are not aware that they can receive VAT reductions and CCL exceptions dependent on the type of business they run and how much electricity they use.

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Energy Observe have looked after my portfolio of 68 supplies for the last 4 years, due to having so many properties we found it hard to manage all of the contracts in a timely manner. We spoke to Energy Observe who offered to manage all of our portfolio from getting us really competitive prices that saved us over £124000 per year to general questions about our bills and other aspects of our energy that we were unsure of. I would highly recommend Energy Observe as they are always available to speak to even on a Saturday and have always been very transparent with us.


Thanks for all of your help.

Gill Marchall
P.A To Morris Leslie


I have used Adam (an account manager at Energy Observe) for a number of years. He has helped us get the best price for our numerous sites, and provided us with the highest level of service. If I have any queries or need any advice on energy, Adam is the first person I speak to.


The service that Adam and Energy Observe provide is invaluable.

Scott Clarkson
Accounts Supervisor.
Deichmann Shoes UK-LTD


What Lynn at Chartered Institute Of Housing said about Matthew Dawson....


Can I just say, you have been an absolute star, your patience and tenacity are a credit to you.


Again many thanks for you help.


Kindest regards




Lynn Faulkner

Facilities & Contracts Manager


I have been dealing with Stephanie since her time at eon and even though she was not an account manager, she was more than willing to go the extra mile and act as one. We have had difficulties for years dealing with such a large portfolio, and almost all of them are customer service related.


The service I have received from Stephanie at energy observe has been excellent. She is the only person within the company that I have had any correspondence with, and I consider this a good thing. I find it much easier to deal with issues when I speak to the same person each time. She is familiar with us as a business and she is aware of my personal preferences when it comes to utilities, as well as any historical issues or disputes with suppliers.


She is willing to respond to queries almost immediately, I don’t think I have ever waited for a reply more than a day. She will even contact me proactively on occasion to inform me of price changes, or keep me updated with progress on any issues I have raised.


As a general rule I don’t like using brokers, but aside from the excellent customer service they have consistently provided competitive prices. Overall I would have to say they come highly recommended. Using energy observe won’t prevent issues with suppliers, brokers are simply intermediaries after all and energy companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. Having an account manager that can deal with the energy companies on your behalf when they do make mistakes, is something I have found valuable.


Dane Wilkinson

Bill Free Homes





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